sobota, 27. november 2010

Scarf and badge swap vol.2

It has been some time since last entry at my blog with pictures of my scouting collection and badges and scarf that i have availible for exchange so im writing new one with some new pictures of scarf that i have avaible for trade
Scout association of Slovenia - badge:

Slovenian flag badge:

Scarfs :

sobota, 30. oktober 2010

My private scarf collection

This is newer picture of my scarf collection . Now i have 47 scarfs.
I have scarfs from Denmark, Brasil,Malta,Portugal,Sweden,Mexico,Vietnam,UK,Bolivia,Japan, HongKong, Austria, Germany,Italy, Macau,Philipiness,Greece,USA,Poland,Netherland, Czech republic.
Thanks to all friend that have swaped with me :)

torek, 14. september 2010

My badge collection #15


My badge collection #14


My badge collection #13


My badge collection #12


My badge collection #11


My badge collection #9


My badge collection #10


My badge collection #8


My badge collection #7

Hong Kong

My badge collection #6


My badge collection #5


sreda, 23. junij 2010

my scout scarfs collection

This is collection of my scarf that i swapped with scout friends from all around world :)
Correctly i have scarfs from those countries :
Austria, Brasil,Croatia, Denmark, Belgium, Malta, Vietnam, Philipiness, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Hong Kong, Japan, Maccau,

Badge and scarf swap :)

Here are pics of 2 badges that i have for swapping

Left is as you see flag badge, and right is badge of our scout association of Slovenia, which is NSO(national scout organisation)

Im also interested in scarf swaps :)
Contact me on : ;)

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