petek, 27. maj 2011

Scarf collection

After few weeks without any search for scout friends who would want to swap scarfs i finally find some time in april. Thanks to scout Leo from USA and scout friend Leong from Malaysia my collection got bigger for 9 scarfs

petek, 20. maj 2011

Collection of scarfs vol.3

Finally i finded a bit time again for swapping . I also made event on facebook  Scout's bazaar with intention to helping other scout friends finding new contacts .
And result of event is 81 scout put RSVP to attending and 28 might attending. I hope i helped to scout friends with my event.

Thanks to friend Leong , is my collection of scarfs bigger for 5 scarfs

ponedeljek, 25. april 2011

Collection of scout badges// Zbirka taborniški našitkov

Collection of badges that i got in little less then 2 years of my collecting.
Zbirka taborniških našitkov,ki sem jih zbral v malo manj kot dveh letih
badges from USA

badge from USA and Bagdes from Costa Rica

bagdes from Mexico & Bolivia

badges from Brasil

bagdes from Philippiness

bagdes from Spain,Sweden,Greece

bagdes from Portugal,Belgium

Bagdes from Viet nam and Japan


Czech Republic



Poland , UK






petek, 22. april 2011

Munich, Hamburg, ICE trains

I made 2 panorama pictures at my travel one is from Hamburg Hbf. on day of match of HSV Hamburg and Borrusia Dortmund. I wouldnt know that if there wouldnt be lots of fans of each team. Warming up for match. Uncle Wiki says With an average of 450,000 passengers a day, the station is the busiest in Germany

Second one from Munich ,which has 32 platforms, "little bit" bigger than train station in Ljubljana, with 350,000 passangers a day puts it between busy train stations in Germany

ICE - InterCityExpress
ICE 2 and ICE3 in behind